Audiobook Proofing

Has your audiobook been thoroughly checked for mistakes, distractions and pacing issues?

If any of these issues exist, they can massively detract from the story your audiobook is trying to tell.

As an experienced audiobook proofreader, my ears are finely tuned to pick up on these issues, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

As your audiobook’s proofreader I  will provide a thorough report on any issues discovered, noting the timecode, chapter, page, type of error, and a description of the correction required.

Examples of issues I listen for are:

  • Instances where the audio is not true to the text (misreads, mispronunciations etc.).
  • Extraneous noises. Noises outside the narrator (background noise) or internal noises (mouth clicks, stomach rumbles or throat noises etc.).
  • Excessive and/or unnatural breaths.
  • Pauses that are too long or too short. Checking that pacing is appropriate for editorial breaks, paragraph breaks, sentence breaks, and all pauses for punctuation where appropriate.
  • Consistency among character voices.

Interested? For rates and queries, contact me!